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Do you need help turning your time into money?  Let us help with your bookkeeping and accounting chores so that your talents can be used to energize business!  Office System development and flow can free up your time and attention.  We can help you fit the pieces into place.


Like most small business owners, you have passion for your project and want to launch a successful operation that will help others by using your product or service, as well as make a living for yourself that leads to financial security.  The time and effort that are involved to launch a successful business can be overwhelming as you research your market, perfect your product or service, promote your brand and tend to your customers.  At the end of the day you feel as if you have run a marathon while juggling, and then … the paperwork awaits you.  Your to-do list is still a mile long, there are customers to call back, problems to solve and potential clients to contact … as your pile of receipts continues to grow, the tax return extension needs to be filed, and those payroll taxes will be late again if you don’t submit them in the next 45 minutes!  Next week’s payroll needs to be calculated, or your employees will revolt, and how much longer can your vendors wait to be paid?

Mountain Services can help to take this weight off your shoulders and free your mind of the cumbersome burden of making sense of your paper piles.  With a procedural plan for tackling these routine and necessary chores, the feeling of being totally overwhelmed and always behind is a burden we can help lift, clearing your mind to get back to the focus you need on your business priority – your customers and the service they expect.


Having a procedural guide will not only ease your mind, as it provides a step-by-step checklist to help you make the tasks visible and therefore doable, but you will feel more in control of the paperflow and not in a constant state of chaos.  By having these procedures available in an organized and easy to read format, not only will you be able to find what you need for the completion of the task at hand, but you will also be alble to hand that task off as your business begins to grow, knowing that a routine has been established and there are guidelines to follow.

You may have your marketing plan in place, but do you have the routine established for log-in and content management?  What metrics do you want to review and how do you find them when your mind is on that disgruntled customer that wants his problem resolved now?  Having a daily procedure and checklist will help walk you through the routine while your mind is focused elsewhere, or will more easily establish a training guide for your new administrative assistant to follow.  We can help you to get a routine in place, as well as assist you in the review as you calm that angry client.

Are your vendors calling for past due payments because you just don’t have the time to sit down and pay the bils?  Not only does this create future problems with your credit references and goodwill, but the interruptions from these vendor collection calls is just another delay in getting on with your business.  The late fees add up, adding to your budget woes, and next thing you know, depression sets in because it is just one more task that stands between you and your mission.  Mountain Services can help by processing these payments in a timely manner, being sure that your invoices are paid on time and the correct amounts paid to the right vendors.

Once these bills are paid, do you have a pile of timesheets that need to be processed and the task of doing payroll just feels more daunting each week as it rolls around at what seems to be an endless cycle at an even faster race against time?  The garnishments that were received need to be processed, payroll taxes calculated and paid on time, the health insurance contributions computed and the direct deposit deadline is like playing beat the clock?  Let Mountain Services help ease your mind by creating a routing that is workable and timely.  We provide payroll services to relieve you of yet one more pressing task that is necessary yet again pulls you from that service call that is running behind for the preferred customer you promised to take care of tonight!

And then, the bank calls to inquire about the financial statements you proised to provide to comply with your financing agreement.  Your accountant would have had them done, if only you had time to send him the information he requested last week.  The asset value and date placed in service seemed to be an easy question to answer last month when you bought the new piece of equipment, but where did the paper work go?  Was it added to your insurance listed property and has it been tagged for identification yet?  You meant to take care of that right away, but somehow the days got away from you and now the information is laying around here somewhere.

Have you even finished entering all of your sales for last month?   Was the sales tax due date yesterday?  Which reminds you of the collection call you need to make on that past due account.  Have you begun to wonder when you will be able to attend to your business with all these bookkeeping chores to be done?

Mountain Services can help with as much as you are willing to let go of, turning some of these daily and routine tasks over to the experience of a bookkeeper with Accounting experience.  This can ease your mind and let you move on to manage your service and product development and customer care.  From putting routines into place for you to follow, to full service office management and bookkeeping, Mountain Services can help put your focus back on your business.  Call us Today!